Bridesmaid and Bartender Ch. 2

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Never had she known such feelings of raw lust, she knew she had to say something, break this spell before she became nothing but a puddle at his feet. Clearing her throat and flashing him a brilliant smile, she asked his name. “I’m Matt, he replied, a friend of Doug’s. .

. and you are?” “Jane’s friend Julie”, she said. He returned her smile and softly kissed her just below her left earlobe. That slight touch sent bolts of electricity flowing through her entire body, her desire turning to liquid heat between her thighs.

She stiffened, and quickly excused herself, leaving him standing there alone. She hurried to the ladies room and locked the door behind her. God she felt like a fool. .

. . He probably only felt sorry for her. He’d more than likely seen her longing gaze and thought a dance might cheer her up.

There was no way he could find her attractive, Daniel had been right. Matt approached the beaming couple feeding cake to one another in the front of the room. He apologized and made an excuse for leaving early. Doug assured him it was fine and thanked him for helping run the bar.

Striding toward the table closest to the ladies room, Matt sat down and stretched his long legs out in front of him. The little vixen would have to come out of there sometime, he thought, grinning. After she’d composed herself, Julie opened the door, held her head high, and damn near tripped over the pair of legs blocking the doorway.

His hand was pressed against the door, ready to push it open when she cried out “Oh, I need to say goodbye to Jane. ” He grasped her hand and led her to the couple sitting at the head table. Julie made her apologies for leaving early and tried to ignore the knowing smile that passed between Jane and Doug.

She led him to the living room and told him to make himself at home, then turned and headed for the kitchen. She returned several minutes later, a cup of steaming coffee in each hand. He’d certainly gotten comfortable, the first three buttons of his shirt were open, his shoes off, and his jacket folded neatly over the back of her recliner.

The sight of him kneeling on the floor, poking the embers of a newly built fire took her breath away. As if he sensed her presence, he turned, smiled and stood, reaching out to take both cups from her hands and set them on the table. He grasped her hand and led her to the sofa, pulling her down beside him.

The way she molded her body to his was driving him wild, he wanted her naked, exposed to his gaze, to his touch. She felt herself being pulled up onto his lap, his hands sliding over her buttocks. She gasped as he slipped the straps of her dress down over her shoulders, his lips brushing her creamy skin.

He slid her bodice down, exposing her breasts, then moving his hands over her flesh. Arching her back, she fitted her breasts into his palms, moaning softly as his thumbs brushed over her nipples. Matt lowered his head to one small peak, swirling his tongue over it and then taking it between his teeth.

She tasted of perfume, soap, and woman. . . .

. it was enough to drown the senses of any red blooded man. Julie could barely breathe, the sensations flowing through her body were threatening to take her over the edge soon. She’d never known such passion, such tender yet driving lust.

. . . .

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